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Charges And Fees

Charges And Fees


Applies To For Online Booking Fee Online Travel Agent Booking Fee
Flight Booking Fees* (per passenger) . All Economy/ Coach
All Business/First
$0 to $50
$0 to $100
(Based on Ticket Price)
Booking Fee may be high as compared to Online Bookings


Agent Assisted Cancellation Amount Per Ticket
Cancellation within 4 Hours of booking and Prior to Midnight of the booking date. $0
Cancellation after 4 hours of booking but Prior to Midnight Cancellation after Midnight and within 24 hours of booking $25 Per Booking


Cancellation & Refunds (beyond 24 hrs)

  Air - Economy Air - Business/First

Domestic                     International

Domestic                     International

Agent Assisted Cancellation/Future Credit

      $50                             $50

    $100                             $100

Agent Assisted Cancellation /Refund

    $100                             $250

   $250                             $250


Changes to Existing Tickets (exchange)

Within 4 hours

    $25                             $50

    $50                             $50

After 4 hours

   $200                             $300

   $250                             $350


Special Services

Agent Assisted Refund or assistance with obtaining a Future Airline Credit Due any of reasons noted. Our Service fees are applicable on successful transaction, excluding airline fees.

Passenger Name Misspelling Visa/Passport Services Baggage Related Services No-Show Services Denied Boarding Services Duplicate Booking Services
$100 $50 $25 $25 $25 $25

Our CEP policy covers senior citizens (over the age of 64), youth (between the age 16-25), military personnel, terminally ill patients, disabled people, bereavement cases, and people impacted by natural disasters.

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