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Boston is one of the most amazing historical destinations on earth. The unique culture, historical monuments, and eye-appealing beauty give the innumerable reasons to visit this place again and again. The best time to visit Boston is between june and October. Because the temperature is moderate. Mid fall weather allows tourists to enjoy the places of Boston hassle-free. If you want to enjoy every location of this place peacefully, you should come in the spring.


Must visit places of Boston

There are so many enchanting places to visit in Boston. Basically, this place is brimming with historical sites, but you can do fun adventures as well. The must-visit places of Boston are the freedom trail that allows you to learn about the history of Boston in a fun and affordable way. Museum fine arts is the fourth largest museum of the United States. Old North Chruch is the most visited historic place to visit. If you experience ice-skating and hockey events, then you can visit Fenway Park.


Here we are listing some of the most amazing places to visit in Boston:


Quick Facts


Boston is the most historically abundant city in the United States. The oldest public park in the United States is in Boston. Sadly, there are no happy hours at bars in Boston.

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