Flights from Memphis to Dallas - MEM to DFW Flights

Flights from Memphis to Dallas | MEM to DFW Flights


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Explore the largest art district of the United States, which is also home to twenty-three of the wealthiest people in the states. Learn the history of JFK’s presidential duration and see the exact assassination spot. From museums to restaurants, and aquariums to local events, you will enjoy every minute of your trip in Dallas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to travel from Memphis, Tennessee to Dallas, Texas differs with different means of transport. Here are some estimated times taken by different means- By non-stop flights- 1hr 25min+ By connecting flights- 3hr 45min+ By car- 6hr 41min+ By transit- 9hr+
American and Southwest Airlines fly non-stop from Memphis to Dallas.
The average airfare from Memphis to Dallas is $109-$1676. The price rises as the date get closer or on national holidays and festivities.
August is the cheapest month to visit Dallas with no summer crowd
Approximately, 148 flights are scheduled daily to fly from Memphis to Dallas.
Memphis International Airport’s (MEM) security checkpoints are open from 4:00 a.m. until the last flight late at night. Dallas airport has different opening hours for security checkpoints for different terminals which you can find on their website. However, both airports are open 24hrs for passengers to stay.
Dallas International Airport (DFW) provides on-site rental car services for its travelers. With easy pick-up and drop-off facilities, it is advised to book your rental early to avoid last-minute hassle.
In case, you’re planning a vacation, consider getting packages as they are cheaper and will reduce the stress and time of planning everything. Book your trip with XN Travels. Give us a call for any additional support from our agents who are available 24*7. Try changing the dates, airport, airline, or flight departure timing a little bit, it can sometimes make a huge difference in the fare.
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