Flights from Memphis to Knoxville - MEM to TYS Flights

Flights from Memphis to Knoxville | MEM to TYS Flights


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“The Marble City”, Knoxville is surrounded by seven lakes and is known as the Red Panda Capital of the World. Have the tastiest Southern food, and numerous historic sites, and do fun activities with your loved ones. Explore the sporty city famous for its football team. You can head to the Ijams Nature Center for some marvelous views. Don’t forget to try the famous food places and a lot of museums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From Memphis, Tennessee to Knoxville, Tennessee, the travel time will vary according to the mode of transport. The following data is an average estimated time- By non-stop flight- No non-stop flight available By connecting flight- 2hr 45min+ By car- 5hr 53min+ By Transit- 8hr 35min+
No airline operates non-stop from Memphis to Knoxville. However, in case of urgent travel, you can choose the flight with the least layover duration.
The average airfare from Memphis to Knoxville is $178 to $398. It may vary according to the festivals, holidays, and flight departure dates.
The cheapest month to visit Knoxville is October. The low season is from September to November when there aren’t a lot of tourist crowds. The city receives a large number of tourists in the summers and Christmas holidays.
On average, 148 flights depart from Memphis to Knoxville in a day.
The Memphis International Airport (MEM) has different timings for different terminals, generally, it's 4:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. (until the last flight departure). Check your terminal number on the ticket first. The McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) is open 24*7 hours a day, however, the check-in and ticket counters open a few hours before the flight departure.
You can get an on-site car rental service at McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS). It is advised to book your car rentals beforehand so the rental is available 10mins before the scheduled arrival. You can find the list of all the car rental agencies which offer on-site services on TYS on the airport’s website.
Choose package deals if you’re going on vacation for family and friends, it can be cheaper and a lot less stressful. Book your trip with XN Travels. Give us a call for any booking-related issues. Our agents are available to assist our customers 24*7. Try changing the dates, airports, departure timings, and airlines, it might not seem relevant but it can sometimes make a huge difference in the fare.
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