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How to Book Cheap Flight tickets to Qatar for Fifa 2022?


About FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022

The most-viewed sport in the history of this planet is about to start in a few days and the craze is on another level. People are preparing for the month-long matches and face-offs between 32 teams from all over the globe. This year’s host Qatar is expected to boom with tourists and football fans by the end of the year. The country has prepared a lot, for the millions of guests it would be receiving from the whole world. The 22nd Fifa Men’s World Cup will be held for 28 days in Qatar from November 21 to December 18.

The Fifa World Cup has been held every four years except during the Second World War it was skipped twice. Thankfully, this world cup wasn’t during the COVID-19 pandemic boom, or it might have been canceled too. This time, 32 teams are competing for the trophy, and the teams have to qualify before the final tournament. The qualification process will be completed months before the world cup and will be announced to the public. Last time’s winner France is one of the qualified teams as well Brazil which is amazingly five times winner of the world cup. It was a rule until now that the host nation’s team would automatically qualify for the tournament, however, from 2026 Fifa World Cup the host’s team will also have to qualify to play in the final tournament. Also, according to the FIFA president, there will be 48 teams from 2026 instead of 32. The teams compete for the 6.1 kg gold (75%) trophy, which is given to them only until the post-winning celebrations. After the celebrations, the team is given a gold-plated replica of the same and each player and official is awarded medals for the same.

The 2015’s FIFA Corruption scam drew a lot of media attention to the sport but that didn’t stop the fans from supporting their favorite players and teams. The most-viewed single sport isn’t just viewed on broadcasts. This year around 2 million people are expected to fly to Qatar for the final tournament and Qatar will be the first middle-eastern country to host the World Cup. This huge number of people only indicates that the prices of flights are going to shoot up the sky very soon. The only mode to travel to the country is by air, so it is best to know all the inside tips and tricks to get cheap tickets.

The country has prepared a lot for its upcoming visitors. It will be the first time for a lot of things like an Arab country hosting the World Cup, the Cup being held in winter due to Qatar’s hot summers, and for the first time, all eight stadiums will be fully air-conditioned. The country’s national airline is preparing to operate approximately 1300 flights every day for a whole month including domestic and international airlines. 


Booking Cheap Flights Tips

Doesn’t matter if you’re traveling from USA or Europe, here are a few of the best tips to get cheap flight tickets to the World Cup:


Do dates matter when booking flights?

 If you’re flexible with your dates and timings, no one can stop you from getting the best prices as prices are dynamic and they keep on changing. So you just got to book the cheapest price which comes during the booking process irrespective of the dates, if possible.


How early should I book flights for Fifa World Cup 2022?

Book Early! You can book early easily if you’re flexible, if you don’t book early all your efforts are going to go to waste. The airlines' prices rise closer to the departure of the flight. You should book a month to 3 months early. Even if you’re not sure of your dates, you need to book early because making changes in the flight’s schedule will still cost less than the actual flight which is booked late.


Is traveling on weekdays or weekends better?

Avoid traveling on the weekends, the tickets are always high. Weekdays are always perfect for looking up the cheapest prices. Now, if you’re traveling on weekdays then remember that timing matters, a ticket fare in the middle of the day will be more expensive than a fare in the early morning or late night. It’s about the right time on the right day.


Are the package deals worth the hype?

Consider opting for deals, as you’ll be staying in Qatar for a while, and then it’s best to look for flight and hotel deals together. They are always comparatively cheaper than booking differently.


Should I buy non-stop flights to Qatar for Fifa World Cup 2022?

Do not buy non-stop flights, they’re always more expensive than the connecting flights. Make sure you have layovers during the connecting flights because it turns out those are cheaper. An exception is made in this in the cases of very short-haul flights. For example, if you’re traveling from LAX to LAS then non-stop flights are cheaper than connecting flights.


Will traveling from an international airport be cheaper?

Since Hamad International Airport is the only international airport in the small country of Qatar. You wouldn’t be able to fly from domestic airports which is better you know because flying from international airports is mostly cheaper.


Can I book my flight with a low-cost carrier?

You can surely book tickets with low-cost carriers if in case your country’s carrier provides flights to Doha. If not, you can look for Qatar Airways as they are providing connecting flights with its partner airlines at cheaper rates.


When should I arrive in Doha to get cheap tickets?

Arrive early, more than a week earlier, because even if you book early the prices will still be relatively high closer to the match dates. Those prices will just keep rising closer to the departure dates. So traveling early is the best option, or leaving date, according to your plans. You must compare the prices of all dates before booking the tickets.


Is it necessary to reduce the luggage to save money?

If possible try to minimize your luggage and extra facilities because the passengers are charged for every extra facility they ask for. You may buy a lot of the stuff in the local markets of Qatar.


Spending less in Qatar Tips


Go ahead and book cheap flight tickets here. Follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll be able to enjoy the World Cup by saving so much of your money. Remember to not give up on exploring the world and having fun just because of money. This year’s FIFA is going to be so good just like each time. Make sure to be there to support your favorite team. For information on Qatar and Hamad Airport, click here.

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