Terms & Conditions

While making a booking with us, just ensure that you have the authority to accept our terms and conditions. This authority may also extend to bookings made on the behalf of other members of the party. The agreement that comes into place will be between you and Xntravels.com and in accordance to the laws of Scotland.


For every booking made on our website, we will be the disclosed agents of third party suppliers that include airlines, consolidators, tour operators, car hire, hotels and insurance companies. This mandates a contract between you and the supplier. The booking conditions of the supplier (including the carriage conditions of the airline) would be applicable to your booking, along with the stipulations as described here.

So it is pertinent to make sure that you have thoroughly gone through the applicable terms and conditions before going ahead with any booking made with us. It would include all the important data relevant for your booking. You may also ask for a copy of the terms and conditions of the supplier with us. Also ensure that you have acquainted yourself with the ticket wallet or the travel documents for the terms related to the airline carriage.

In few cases, we would be the principal service provider for certain products. In this scenario, the product contract would be between you and us and you will be informed about the same before such services are rendered.

Your Obligations:

You will be obliged to be bound with an agreement without any limitation. You also agree to have accepted financial responsibility for making the purchase, and making a transaction in your legal capacity by being at least 18 years of age. Where you are making a booking for a group or for a family, you must also bear the responsibility for payment on the behalf of other members.

Make sure that the details you share with us are correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Also ensure to inform us in writing about any change in email address, postal address or telephone number.

If you do not share with us correct and complete information related to your debit/credit card, then your transaction may be delayed, which in turn may result in delayed issuance of tickets, increase in fares or even booking cancellation. So kindly ensure that the information you share with us is same as that mentioned on your card statement.

We do not allow our website users to make any false, speculative or fraudulent booking.

Liability Protection:

We will not be responsible for acts/omissions of the suppliers in their role as an agent, or in their capacity of proffering such services or products. At the same time, you may still be liable for negligence or misinterpretation of important information.

Supplier Conditions:

You will have the responsibility of complying with the terms of use of the airlines. These terms will be related to check-in timings, reconfirmation of flights, etc. We at Xntravels.com will not accept any responsibility for bookings cancellations due to non-compliance of airline rules.

For flights tickets that have been re-scheduled, there will be additional terms applicable for each fare. Such stipulations will include conditions regarding changes, refunds and duration of stay. Moreover, greater the flexibility of the ticket, the higher will be its fares. Several points are to be considered before one may decide on the different fares being offered.

We suggest that you please check with your airlines about the specific terms & conditions and also your requirement to confirm your intent to fly on that specific flight.


The prices are subject to ticket availability and are quoted in British Pounds Sterling.

The fares which are quoted at ‘confirmed quotation’ level would include transaction fees that are applicable along with pre- payable tax. All these are added together to offer you the final quotation.

Please note that some destinations mandate an arrival and/ or departure tax that is locally payable. You would be responsible for payment of such taxes. Xntravels.com will bear no responsibility where boarding is denied as a result of your failure to pay such taxes.

The price that you pay for tickets may include a booking or a transaction fee that is paid by us. This fee due to us is meant for administering the booking. Such fees are non-refundable. In case, you make the payment through credit or debit card, no surcharge/fee will be charged.

Fares displayed on Xntravels.com are subject to changes and may not be assured at the time of your booking.

Service fees are also applicable for other forms of administration. These include, among others, reservation changes and refund applications.

There might be fare changes without any prior notification. Where the fare for your journey is altered by the respective airline, or where we discover that the fare that you have paid is incorrect, we will try to inform you about the same immediately as we come across it. In this case, you must pay the fare difference. The airline could refuse your travel if you don’t pay the correct fare. Alternatively, we may also cancel your contract without appropriating any liability on you.

The ticketing staff will be verifying the ‘special fares’ for special flights. Where we are not able to honor the quoted fare, we will do our best to inform you about it within three working days.

In case we book a travel product priced in a different currency, we will have the right to include added amount for covering the expense of fluctuating exchange rates and fee paid for currency conversion.

Denied boarding, Cancellations and Flight delays:

Details of such rights could be fetched from airlines and may also be checked with information as displayed across the European airports.

The airline will be responsible for any payment or reimbursement in such cases.


Expectant women travellers must understand that certain rules are applicable to their carriage where they are pregnant for over a certain number of weeks at the time of travel. These rules and regulations vary from airline to airline and it will be the responsibility of the passenger to check with the airline policies before making the booking. There are cases where travel is not permissible, or where clearance or the medical practitioner’s certificate may be required. Make sure that your travel insurance also covers pregnancy.

Special Requests:

We will take your request for special assistance like meals and seating preferences with the concerned travel supplier. Being treated as special requests, we cannot guarantee their fulfillment on our part.

Travelling with Infants

Airlines mandate that infants must be of a minimum age (usually six weeks) at the time of travel. Please ensure to go through the airline policy before proceeding with the booking. Infants are required to sit on the lap of the adult or on designated infant seat. In order to qualify for the infant fare, the infant must be below two years of age on the return date. You may contact the airline directly for more details on infant seating.

Paying for your booking:

We hold the right to cancel travel bookings before or after the issuance of the ticket where your payment is declined by card issuing company, or where you have submitted incorrect card details or billing data.

Further, we will not be liable for any increase in fare because of the payment failure.

Cancellations / Amendments by you:

Any changes or cancellation that you want to make to your booking would be subject to the relevant conditions of the supplier. There are some tickets that are non-changeable and/ or non-refundable. In some cases, it may not be possible to change or cancel your booking without payment of charges for the same.

Most of the tickets are non-transferable and name changes are generally not allowed. The names of passenger that you enter at the time of booking must be the same as mentioned on passport. You will be provided with the cancellations and amendments rules for online flight bookings at the time of booking.

Xntravels.com, being an agent of the concerned airline or consolidator, abides by the airline terms and conditions. So the respected fare rules or the conditions of the supplier would transcend the stipulations as described here.

Xntravels.com will also charge administration fees where refund or changes are permitted along with other fees that are being charged by the supplier. This is solely for the purpose of covering the amendment and cancellation charges as incurred from our end.

Any request to amend or cancel a booking must be notified to us in writing, and we cannot process your request until it is received by us.


Admin fee, in line with the airline contract, will be charged as cancellation penalty.

For any cancellation and refund request, you are expected to bring the same to our notice via email or telephone call. We will inform you about the ticket condition and whether a refund a permitted. It is important to inform us about the intent for booking cancellation well before the scheduled departure time in order to avoid a ‘no- show’ by the airline. If you are qualified for the refund, it may about 10-16 weeks for the airline to authorize the same.

After the authorization, your card (used to make the initial booking) would be credited with refund money. Your refund will be excluding the cancellation charges as levied by the airline or the tour operator. Further, many airlines charge an additional fee for processing your refund.

For cases of non-refundable flight tickets, you may claim the unused taxes. However, all the taxes are not refundable. You may inquire us about the complete details for cancellation of your booking.


You may make a request for booking changes via email or phone call. These changes are subject to availability and other restrictions by the travel supplier. Where changes increase the booking cost, you would be required to make another payment for the fare difference. Charges of any kind are also dependent on the regular administration fees as levied by us.

Cancellations or amendments by the travel supplier:

Airlines have the prerogative to make changes to flight schedule, and in certain cases, cancel the flights altogether. Xntravels.com will have no control in this issue and would have no responsibility for any such changes. We are there to help you in dealing with such scenario.

There are few cases where the airline or the tour operator may cancel the flight. In such cases, your rights and remedies would be guided by the conditions of the carriage or supplier policies of the airline. You may be entitled to:

  • Travel with another flight with the same airline and without paying any additional charges.
  • Re-routing without to same destination with another airline, without having to pay additional costs
  • Full refund

Where scheduled changes are made before the commencement of your journey, it won’t be necessary to get your tickets reissued or re-validated.

We do not take any responsibility for an en route rescheduling of flight.


Many suppliers request the customer to get their travel insurance while booking their flight as a condition. We suggest our customers to undertake adequate travel insurance for the trip, insofar as certain circumstances may arise where the suppliers won’t be liable for the same.

We will recommend to go for an insurance sufficient to cover yourself and the accompanying members against any assistance cost, cancellation cost, for cases of sickness or accident, loss of money or baggage and other expenses.


The category of ticket being booked depends on the airline and the travel route. Many airlines are now readily issuing e-tickets or electronic tickets. Xntravels.com issues such tickets where the itinerary permits it. Paper tickets, usually given through regular postal service, are issued for chartered flights.

Non-Delivery or Non-Receipt of Tickets:

Where you do not receive the e- ticket or paper ticket, it will be your responsibility to bring the same to our notice. Further, we won’t be responsible if you do not receive the e-ticket due to wrong e-mail address or as a result of your junk mail settings.

Passport / Visas / Health Requirements:

You are expected to comply and understand the passport, visa and health requirements for the countries that you have planned to travel. Further, you must also ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months after the return travel date. We would also advise you to check with the embassy of destination country to confirm the necessary requirements.

We would strongly suggest that the children to carry their own individual passports. Where the child is included in the parent’s passport, you would be advised to ensure that it is valid for the visiting country. There are yet many more countries that may require a visa and in few cases, a transit visa. Xntravels.com will provide you with visa formalities and general information related to your passport.

We request you to go through the health requirements as mandated by the concerned authorities. These include vaccination guidelines and other required for specific destinations. Please note that there are some countries that could ask for verification of certain vaccinations as an entry condition. We will provide you with the general information related to health-requirements and procedures as required during the trip.

Please note that immigration and health requirements may change on a short notice.

Xntravels.com and the supplier will not be responsible in cases where you are boarding the flight or are deported as a result of your failure to comply with these terms of use. Further, you would be liable for any costs that you or Xntravels.com incurs due to this.

Service Charges:

There are service charges applicable for some services rendered by us. These non-refundable charges are in addition to the fee levied by the supplier.

Booking on the website:

Please note that we display two kinds of fares on our website.

  • Tentative fares based on historical data & subject to change and can not be guaranteed at the time of booking.
  • Live Bookable Fares based on your search criteria.

Fares include all taxes and service fee.

Further, we do not claim that we are the airline or associated with any kind of airlines. Xntravels.com provides services to its customers to search and book airline tickets on the website.

The search results & prices for your travel plan depends upon the detail information that you share with us.

Search, select & Book with 3 easy & secure steps with Xntravels.com

Booking over the phone:

To book any flight from the United Kingdom to any destination across the world.

Step 1 - You need to have a valid email address in order to book your flight ticket with us.

Step 2 - You need to share your detailed booking information including payment method to our travel expert who will provide you details of your selected flight option. It's important to go through all the information carefully.

Step 3 - You shall receive an email from us giving the details of your itinerary, flight and passenger details. We request you to go through all our booking terms & conditions. You will then be asked to confirm by return email to us and accept that all the booking details are correct and that you would like to proceed with the booking.

Step 4 - You will be required to provide the details of the mode of payment and on your acceptance via E-mail, we shall proceed to confirm the booking and initiate the issuance of your tickets.

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